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Natural Breath

Natural Breath is a very easy technique for Natural Breathing that can bring deep changes to your life; that kind of changes that you’ve been trying so hard to create. This approach of breathing can give you the resources to resolve your past, heal physical issues, and establish new patterns to achieve your dreams and goals. Breathing is the only thing that we cannot do without for more than a short time. And for sure you are undoubtedly breathing at about 20% of your lung capacity.


Hypnosis is a relaxing, naturally occurring state of mind, which happens to us every day. Each time we read a captivating novel or drift off in a daydream we are in hypnosis. Everyone can be hypnotized if they wish to be.

Yoga, Meditation, Nutrition

Yoga & Meditation: Would you like to set up your own group or private Yoga classes? Contact Tatiana for more information.
Diet & Nutrition: Would you like to learn how to eat the foods that are right for YOU? Contact Tatiana for your private one hour consultation.

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