How to Use Your Natural Breathing to Improve the Quality of Your Life

Arne Rantzen

Unlimited Breath is an easy to learn natural breathing technique that can bring about profound changes in your life; the very changes you’ve been trying so hard to create.

This method of breathing can help you resolve your past, heal physical issues, and establish new patterns to achieve your dreams and goals.

Chances are very good that as you are reading this you are breathing. Breathing is the one thing we cannot do without for more than a very short time. Unfortunately you are probably only breathing at about 20% of your lung capacity. What would happen if you learned to breathe to a 80% or a 100%?

We breathe with different degrees of efficiency all day and all night. We know that if we want to calm ourselves we can take deep, slow breaths. We know that if we need a lot of energy for activities like jogging or sex we have to take great big, fast gulps of air into our lungs. Many of us know the peaceful sound of a loved one’s sleeping breath.

Wondrous things can “take our breath away,” and some behaviors can get someone tagged a “heavy breather.” We take a deep breath before we dive in. When we start practices like yoga we find special ways of breathing.

Go ahead and take a moment to notice how you’re breathing right now.
Is your breath a little shallow? Do you feel like you’re holding your breath, just a little, maybe? 
Or is your breathing deep and full and relaxed?

I invite you to take a powerful one-minute “Breathing Snack”, right now……

  • Become aware of your body, relax and notice your breathing…
  • Become aware of the air coming in and out of your body…
  • Allow your breath to really fill up your upper lungs.
  • Enjoy your heightened sensations.
  • It might surprise you to see how strong it can feel to surrender and open up to the breath.

Unlimited Breath can help you take charge of your life.
Unlimited Breath will give you practical techniques to bring positive change into your daily life. Unlimited Breath can help you unlock your body’s natural ability to heal itself. People from all walks of life – from medical professionals to artists, receptionists to lawyers – enjoy the fantastic results of Unlimited Breath. Self-improvement is an ongoing process. Unlimited Breath can help that process be easy, gentle and fun.

How does Unlimited Breath work?
Through individual sessions you can transform unwanted emotional patterns and undo the subconscious thoughts that limit your day-to-day success. By learning to use Unlimited Breath techniques, you will rejuvenate and consciously address any issue you may have so you can life to your potential.

Why Chose Unlimited Breath?
Immediately following an Unlimited Breath Session, people often have a deep sense of well-being. After several sessions, people consistently report positive change in many areas of their life, including health, wealth, relationships, self-esteem, and career satisfaction.

We eliminate 70% of our toxins and waste through the powerful mechanism of breath. Increasing our oxygen intake refreshes us and gives our bodies the fuel they need to burn calories effectively. Yet, even though we have done it from the moment we were born, few of us know how to breathe to give ourselves the greatest benefit. Unlimited Breath practitioners teach you how to increase the power of your breath’s effect throughout your body. An Unlimited Breath session will help you use more of your lung capacity.

Eastern traditions recognize the importance of breath in bringing more chi or prana (life force) into your system. Breath can take you to powerful, beautiful, tender, and strong places within you that you may have given up on ever reaching.

The average oxygen levels in our blood are between 60%and 70%. When we raise these levels to 80% and higher, amazing things happen for us. Our physical body gains greater vitality. Our detoxifying systems shift into high gear. Our bodies fill with spirit.

Just as oxygen feeds the flames in your fireplace, fuel combustion in a race car, and is crucial to lift off at Cape Canaveral, it fuels your body to keep your metabolism working well.